Pregnancy tracker apps: a review

In the day and age of smart phones, life is saturated with apps that control, manage and monitor everything. Tawar Razaghi reviewed the top three pregnancy tracking apps from the App Store to find out which one is the best for you.

Pregnancy + (lite) by Health & Parenting Ltd – free

This app was the first on the extensive pregnancy app list and with 87 ratings at four and half stars, it can boast to be the most recommended pregnancy application “by midwives and obstetricians.” Although the veracity of that statement is unknown, upon first use it seems to be quite comprehensive. There are five main buttons at the bottom of the app: “today,” “my baby,” “me,” “organiser” and “tools.” Each button takes you to a different page and has a list of six areas of information and things that can be tracked, such as what a mother can expect at every week of her pregnancy and what your weight is. Each page has a consistent layout but the colour coding on each page helps you navigate the different pages.

Best: Loving the “kick counter,” very cute.

Worst: Some information takes you out of the app and onto Safari. Can be very annoying.

Rating: 4 baby bumps out of 5


My pregnancy Today by BabyCenter – free

This app is very basic but has the bare minimum. Navigation-wise, it has four main buttons but only the first two buttons, “Calendar” and “Checklist”, are of any proper use. “Calendar” takes you through a weekly checklist that covers the mother’s health as well as the baby’s health and fun miscellaneous activities to keep the mother happy, like “Enjoy a pyjama day” – to remind you to take it easy. The only criticism here is that the “checklist” page seems almost redundant – it covers the same things as the “Calendar” but in a shortened version. It seems to be a strength for this app, though, receiving 642 ratings at five stars in the App Store.

Best: Quirky checklist items like “take a belly photo” and stunning foetal development images and videos.

Worst: Basic/repetitive (but if you want a no-fuss app this may be a pro)

Rating: 2 baby bumps out of 5


What to expect by Everyday Tracker – free

This app speaks for itself. What to expect certainly gives you a solid idea of what you should be feeling and seeing on every day of your pregnancy. The app’s navigation is broken down into a page called “tracker” which summarises the basics, like what trimester you’re in, comparing how big your baby is (for the purposes of this exercise I said I was at 35 weeks and it’s saying my imaginary bub is as large as a “large cantaloupe” – 19 to 22 in, 6 lbs), the big countdown and the estimated due date. The app then breaks down your pregnancy into “daily” and “weekly”, providing nuggets of information on a week-by-week basis about the changes you can expect in your body, and what’s going on inside that growing belly. The “daily” page gives you tips like how to keep healthy by doing pregnant-appropriate exercise and how to relieve heartburn.

Best: The “photos” page keeping visual tabs on your own growing bump.

Worst: The “daily” tips page is completely randomised so there is no way of searching for specific information that you came across, say, five weeks ago.

Rating:  3 baby bumps out of 5


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