Cuts to single parent payments

PM Julia Gillard addressing Parliament

PM Julia Gillard addressing Parliament

Federal parliament passed legislation to transfer single parents onto Newstart allowance after youngest child turns eight and social services are concerned . Tawar Razaghi reports.


One response to “Cuts to single parent payments

  1. Hi

    Today after completing my first semester studying Diploma of Community Services, I recieved a call to inform me I will be losing up to $110.00p/f

    The reason I am not in paid employment is due to a work accident, which prevents me from using my arms, (I have the strength of a five year old) for the past two years I have tried to work only to re-injure myself. I feel the government is not supporting those that are genuinely trying to make a better life. We are stuck….
    My ex on the other hand is and always will be on sickness benefits, why because the system has labelled him a junkie and not worthy. My thing is let these guys do it tuff, He said straight up I am a junkie I do not have to work the government will pay my child maintenance ($13.00p/f for two children). He is on Methadone yet
    allowed to drive a vehicle, he has the support where is ours, I have lived in hiding for years escaping Domestic Violence only now learning of the mental issues I now suffer due to this. We are victims of circumstance that are trying. I have been without my HRT medicine for the last week as I could not afford it. Also this was a week where I had pre organised all my money to pay bills on a weekly basis as it would not hurt so much. HRT a result of years abuse, again an area I am passionate about advocating against after years of abuse I stand tall, but this is wrong, again it is keeping those that want to make it and contribute to the good of our community.stuck.

    Bronwyn Rees
    0478050013sorry just had to have a voice and I dont know who to turn to.

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