Hump Day Recipe: Healthy(ish) Chocolate Crackles

By Jane Fafeita

Here is my chocolate crackle recipe substituting coconut oil for copha, and coconut sugar for icing sugar. I’m sure you could also use xylitol instead.

If it’s a festive occasion we add natural-coloured hundreds & thousands to tart them up a bit!

The best part is they take 10 mins to make – perfect for toddlers’ attention spans!

Choc Crackles

A great treat for bored toddlers! Photo: Jane Fafeita

250g/ml coconut oil melted
2 cups rice bubbles (or similar health food store version)
1/2 cup dessicated coconut
1/2 cup coconut sugar
2-3 dessert spoons cocoa powder

Combine ingredients and spoon into small patty pans.

Makes 25 small crackles

Jane Fafeita is a mum of two and a former chef. Check out her other amazing recipes at her website or follow her on pinterest.


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