Risk-free controlled crying

Crying Baby

Controlled crying is contentious, but it isn’t dangerous. Photo: TheGiantVermin/flickr

Controlled crying has always been a divisive issue, now a recent landmark study by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute has found that controlled crying poses no long-term risks to the health of babies. Nina Young reports.


One response to “Risk-free controlled crying

  1. I’m with the Dad on this one- little babies (say under 4 months I reckon) always cry for a reason and its up to us to try and figure it out. And I know it can be terrible and exhausting when you just can’t figure it out in the middle of the night. Having had my little boy suffer from severe silent acid reflux I know how it can almost send you mad. But I always maintained that his crying and sleeplessness were for a reason….and I discovered I was right. However now that he is older and the reflux is getting better I have noticed a shift in behavior where his crying is more a fighting sleep type of thing. I think at this age I would look more at controlled crying as an option, but never the leave him alone to cry it out option.

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