Breast isn’t always best!

Formula Feeding

The fight against anti-formula sentiment is on. Photo: criminalatt/

The constant push and persistence of the ‘breast is best’ message is a constant theme for many new mothers. Many mothers are informed of the number of health problems associated with non-breastfed kids. However many fail to recognise the discrimination, struggle and emotional turmoil that women who formula feed experience and the lack of resources available to them. Joline Samawi reports.


4 responses to “Breast isn’t always best!

  1. I think definitely breast is usually best, but it needs to be more widely recognised that breast feeding is very difficult for some women and babies. I really struggled through and am so happy that I have got to 5 months. Also I felt really bad about it, but I mixed fed from 5 weeks onward because my pediatrician said baby wasn’t gaining weight fast enough on just breast milk. After seeing how baby gained weight once I started mixed feeding I was happy- but at first I felt like such a failure because ” breast is best” had been drilled into me for so long

  2. Luckily I never had any problems breastfeeding. However, the critical comments and disgusted looks from others when feeding in public again put another unnecessary pressure on a young mother.

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