Baby world online: a review

Pregnancy Websites

These are some of the website available for new mums. Which do you prefer? Photo via

Planning a pregnancy, waiting for a beautiful baby to enter the world and being a mother are all situations that come with a million and one questions. Marissa Georgopoulos reviews websites for new mums.

In any circumstance we always ask ourselves if there is someone else that might have the same question, or is thinking what we are. With extensive information so readily available online, websites are a great way to find out more information and simultaneously engage with others going through the same thing. Here are some sites (based in Australia) that appeal to all kinds of women, ranging from those who have a newborn and are stressing out, to mums dreading the first day of school.


On the main page of this site it becomes apparent that there is a vast array of topics covered across the website. With sweet little drawn images of mums holding babies or tummies with that much-loved round shape, all of the topics seem interesting and only one click away.

This site appeals to many women as it has clickable sections including ‘preconception,’ ‘countdown to birth,’ ‘baby games’ and more. The motherhood page does not extend to toddler days or early childhood, but this is irrelevant when the timeframe it focuses on is thoroughly explored.

The thing to note about this page is that it is incredibly informative. There are many articles and factsheets which deliver straight-forward information that significantly answer any questions you might have during your baby-filled days. A sidebar shows several products to buy that are also helpful with information, including DVDs, books and even bath mats.





Essential Baby

This website is filled with touching photos that instantly grab your attention. The flow of new stories are each matched with adorable photos like a mother holding an ultrasound photo over her  pregnant tum, kids playing in the sand and a toddler getting creative with toilet paper. Each image is linked to an article that is informative, interesting, engaging and helpful.

The most approachable part of this site is its clever use of media to appeal to literally any kind of an audience. The site has information for many stages of living with babies from preconception to toddlers, children and even a section called ‘Being a dad.’

Essential Baby has its own Facebook friends who can interact online. This is great for women who want to read up on information but also want to be entertained. Oh, and a rubber ducky as a logo will always win a woman over.





Mamamia – Parenting

Mamamia uses the phrase ‘What everyone’s talking about,’ as their line, which is great since parenting is something that relates to the majority of people. The website is incredibly popular as it does address so many topics. This could be a downfall as there isn’t a focus on one thing but it delves into parenting just fine. There is great colour, pictures, videos and more all featured on the site.

What is so great about this site is that it can bring on ten emotions at once, especially if you are currently a lucky pregnant lady. There are submissions from regular people as well as articles by Mamamia writers and each is sure to stir up some kind of emotional response, be it tears, laughter or surprise.

Another great feature of Mamamia’s parenting site is that it appeals to men and women. Also, you can never go wrong with photo albums of celeb babies!






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