Notes from a Dad-to-be

By Guy Shakespeare

Guy Shakespeare

Guy with his partner Alicia. Photo courtesy of Guy Shakespeare

Well, I’m to be a dad in December, if all goes to plan.

I will be having a boy, which is great, but I wasn’t picky – I just want a healthy happy child in the world!

He was not a planned pregnancy, but we are happy that it has already changed our lives.

So now I’m just waiting on our son.

We found out at nearly four weeks. I have always been the type of person who plans and knows what’s happening in the future, so when I got the news it was like I had to start my life from scratch. Major changes had to happen now, and I had to think about the future more seriously.

One of the first things I did was to sell my flashy V8 ute for a family car. Then I actually bought our first home! I really wanted our kid to have a life in his own home.

So now I’m just waiting on our son. It’s daunting and yet exciting, but that’s life. All I hope is that I can be a dad who can provide a good life for him, so he can have the best chance.

My advice to anyone in the same situation as me is: don’t freak out and run, as many guys always say they would. Take a good look at what you’re bringing into the world, and do everything you can to do the best job. Try to listen to your partner through the pregnancy, too. She’s going through hell and you really have to just be there, no matter the tears and challenges.

GuyGuy Shakespeare is a proud (and excited) father-to-be. He lives in the Hunter Valley with his girlfriend, Alicia and hopes to be a great new dad to his first son.


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